Bread Ministry


History of our Bread Ministry

Christian Life Church follows the example of Jesus Christ in His love and concern for the people.  Since 2007, we have shared bread and other food products with our neighbors and other people in need in surrounding  counties of Ohio.
But now, many of our senior volunteer workers retired.  The government (Mid-Ohio Food Bank and 2nd Harvest) stepped in to control the over-stocked food distribution from stores and warehouses, leaving many small ministries out of service.  Today, we support the Plain City Food Bank with prayer and donations.   We still bless a few small ministries with food items.
                                                We have good memories that we would like to share with you.

Plain City Bread giveaway every Saturday 2007 to 2015

Bread Truck delivery every Saturday 2007 to 2015

Pastor Bud, Joe, Mel, Pastor Art, & Donnie in 2012

Bread delivery to Campaign County Ohio 2009

Mechanicsburg 2016


Donnie 2017

Plain City 4th July Parades   2010 – 2015

Potato giveaway each year  2010 – 2017

Salute to the Breadman, Art Willhite

In 1988, Art and Mary Willhite volunteered to help transport thousands of pounds of food from the mid-Ohio Food Bank to the Emmanuel Community Church food pantry. Before they knew what was happening, the Willhites’ had found their mission in life. What had been a few hours of volunteer work became a 60-hour per week responsibility.
In 1994, Art and Mary registered in the state of Ohio as a non-profit organization called “Living Faith Fellowship Ministry.” Using their own money, they bought a used delivery truck. They then constructed a make shift warehouse by bolting together several donated trailers.  Since 1994, they have given food products to the poor, homeless, needy, elderly and children. Twelve million dollars worth of products have been distributed locally, also to 50 percent of Ohio counties, and to many States, plus several countries overseas.
In addition to food products; jackets, sleeping bags, blankets, toys, and other items have been distributed to those in need.
What is most remarkable is that their annual budget is less than $50,000; $10,000 of it comes from Arthur’s railroad pension, and from taking second and third mortgages on their home. The remainder comes from other sponsors.
The Willhites have proven through their lives the wisdom of the biblical injunction that human lives are enriched in direct proportion to how well they are used to benefit others.